| Dominik Zausinger

there are two new open source robots that are easy to build and at least one of them might be usefull.


The one that is not usefull at all is called Plen 2. It's a small humanoid Robot developed in Japan which is currently funded at Kickstarter. All components are open source and parts of the Body are 3D-printed.

Absolutely not usefull but still amazing that you can buy all components for such a Robot for 500$ and build it your own nowadays!


link to an article about Plen 2 at TechCrunch

Plen 2



Second Robot I want to Show here is without a Name.

Mads Hobye and others developed this small robotic arm at the fablab at Roskilde University. As for the Plen 2 all components are open source. So can build it yourself with just a bunch of lasered parts for the Body, some arduino and some soldering.

article at Hackaday

hacked robotic arm


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