packed Pavilion

Min-Chieh Chen, Michele Leidi,
Tom Pawlofsky

Museum of Arts and Crafts, Shanghai



A pavilion made out of packaging material .
Designed with a parametric bottom-up design process.
An expression of the effects of production and logistics in the design.

A cone made out of layered corrugated cardboard - the basic construction element - formed the start of the bottom-up design process. All cones together are building a network that populates the entire surface. The cones negotiate with each other size, form and position to achieve common goals while maintaining individual diversity and freedom.

Packing materials are cheap, globally available and easy to handle. In this project the use of these materials allowed not only to design a pavilion but also to directly implement all the steps of: production, packing, shipping and assembly of it. Fabrication, logistic and construction constraints have been integrated in the digital design trough the writing of a program that optimizes the entire process. Nesting cones within each other and packing them on the given production or transportation size allowed to considerably reduce overall waste and shipping volume. This experimental is a demonstration of how fabrication and logistic constraints can be integrated in a design process.