Knauf Tools

Knauf Gips KG

2014 - 2015


We developed a plug-in for Rhino 3D for Knauf Gips KG , that automates various planning processes.

In addition to smaller highly individual tools for editing 3D - components the core of the plugIn is the tool called KuppelCreator (domeCreator). This tool allows to fully automate the process of calculating, planning and manufacturing of Special dome constructions consisiting of a variety of components. Thereby a 3D model and all data for calculation and for the CNC manufacturing are created. The domes consists of up to 4 layers of plasterboard that are subdivided into elements that are producible quantities and easy to handle.Furthermore  all CD-profiles, rings of square pipes , hangers and connectors are calculated and prepared for the manufacturing process .

The interface allows for quick configuration of the desired dome based on the basic parameters height and radius of the dome.