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Facade Session @ NextStudio

Yesterday was another great event in Frankfurt based NEXT Studio.

We had very interesting talks on architecture, sustainability in building Industry and about structural glass sealings. After a short introduction of Dr.-Ing. Jager of Wicona the evening was guided by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Knaack and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jens Schneider.

First Jan Dechow (Architecture Collective MIND, Mainz, Germany) showed as some example projects of his yet young Office which showed love for simplicity in Details.

This was followed by a presentation of Melissa Tanuharja (Arup, Berlin, Germany) on different possible future scenarios for our planet and our society and a claim for a circular economy for building elements. Basic idea is to reuse elements that are still in good condition instead of recycling them.

Next was Dr. Thomas Henriksen (Henriksen Studio, London, UK) who opened his own studio as a façade expert recently after having worked on a huge variety of interesting key buildings around the world. In his office he tries to convince clients that investing into passive house façades built from long lasting materials is not only a gain for the planet but as well for the building operator.

After a short break we heard a talk by Prof. Linda Hildebrand (RWTH Aachen, Germany) about sustainability in architecture in a more wide perspective with some detailed facts and figures of research projects where buildings were analysed including all effects on climate.

Sebastian Schula (SGS, Darmstadt, Germany) showed us two very interesting projects on structural glass sealing. First was a project realized in Darmstadt where the clock tower of an ancient building which was partly destroyed during world war II got a new top containing four very large glass panels with art surface. Second he showed a developed for a glass balustrade without any visible mountings and including structural calculations and tests.

Last but not least we heard a talk of Elisabeth Endres (IB Hausladen, Munich, Germany) about building robust buildings. Basic idea is to integrate more passive components into buildings that help temperate them instead of using AC-machines and heatings.

After a small discussion the bar was opened and we had the opportunity to talk to the speakers, to network and to have a beer and food.

Great evening, thanks to Wicona and all the other partnes of the NEXT Studio for organizing and making this happen!

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