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We are looking for you: CAD developer Rhino/ Grasshopper

We growing and we are currently looking for passionate people to join our team.

We are in the process of founding a new startup to develop a new software targeting the AEC market to help them significantly improve their BIM and digital fabrication processes. The software will have a strong link to Rhino3D and open nurbs. Our origins are at Imagine computation - an 3D engineering office specialized in the realization of complex architectural designs. There we create all production relevant data in high level of detail for the manufacturers, our clients.

We are convinced that only a good work-life-balance is the basis for long term success. When joining us we do not want you to be just our employee, we want you to be part of our team as only a team can master challenging projects. We try hard to support everybody in the office to develop further and try to find solutions to achieve your personal goals. Sometimes we need to work hard but there must be times to work less.


You are interested in how digital construction workflows can be improved in practice. You are precise in your way of work, motivated and eager to grow with the tasks you perform


  • degree in computer science, mathematics, computational geometry or related field (e.g. AEC computer science, architecture, civil engineering)

  • at least 3 years programming experience (Grasshopper, RhinoPython, C#, RhinoCommon.Net, MongoDB)

  • a positive attitude towards operational excellence, which means detecting and fixing bugs that affect customers, increasing the number of automatic tests, producing code of high quality and keeping a sound architecture

  • maybe as well work experience in wood, metal or facade construction So if you share our passion to work on challenging projects, develop and use state of the art digital workflows, to learn new things and as well share your knowledge then get in touch! Write an email to and tell us why you are the one for us.


You will develop a new software product in an early development phase, which gives you chance to implement your own ideas. Specifically, a new add-on to the CAD program Rhinoceros 3D will be developed in C# with a MongoDB database connection.

You will develop core functionalities for the user and link them to Grasshopper. You will work

within a team of experienced CAD developers.

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