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Today we proudly announce our new collaboration KHIC

- a joint venture of Knippers Helbig and Imagine Computation GmbH, offering integrated planning from initial system design to shop preparation for geometrically complex structures and facades in steel, glass and other materials.

By combining design, engineering, and computation in a fully integrated planning process, KHIC increases efficiency and reliability from the preliminary system design phase to shop preparation.​

From initial concept sketches to the final programming code for fabrication, specific development steps are defined and monitored. The results of each step are continually compared to project requirements in a completely transparent design process. ​

This results in great simplification of the design process for even the most complex projects – early consideration of shop and erection issues in the computer-driven design process leads to a high level of prefabrication and greater efficiency in fabrication and erection.

find out more on what we offer on our webpage

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