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new tool: Status Display in Revit

During our work on HSS project our client Schindler FENSTER + FASSADEN asked if it is possible to use our BIM model to show the current status of each element in an easy way during meetings. So we developed a small tool to do so:

Each element gets additional custom phasing attribute status that can be set to different predefined values. These attribute then defines the display colour of the element in viewer to easily grasp the status of the project:

  • in design (yellow)

  • in production (green)

  • on delivery (orange)

  • at mounting (blue)

  • was billed (purple)

  • has issues (red)

These values can be either handled directly in Revit or you can export complete list of all elements to excel sheet so other departments like workshops that do not work with Revit can fill in their values as well. This Excel Sheet can be imported again to update the BIM-model.

Within Revit itself is a new panel that lets you display either only elements at a certain phase or show all of them.

This tool is currently in beta-testing phase at Schindler FENSTER + FASSADEN. Future development will probably include direct access to database by own UI to avoid using ExcelSheets. This will also include a link to their ERP system to have one single source of truth finally.

Check out this video how it is used:

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